Director’s Letter

When someone ask me “what do you do?”

My responses are always off the cuff, in an attempt to not waste time, and because I am grateful just for the opportunity to offer a few words. We are a business consultancy firm that is always creating. We have adapted the services we offer, creating a vertical structure and grouping services into divisions, to offer our clients, which now number 5,000, the best solutions.

We are attentive, restless, and hungry, always ready to reinvent ourselves and to change the model to suit their needs. Let me explain, with our peculiarities, our size and positioning, we must be one of the most important consultancy firms in Spain. I am deeply proud of our team. Integrated by wonderful, highly prepared professionals, from millennials to baby boomers, and all generations from X to Z in perfect harmony, who know the value of what they offer and care about what we give back to them.

Finally, let me finish giving praise by saying that, thanks to them, with them and because of them, in the last five years we have grown each year at double digits, to eventually reach 2018 with a turnover of more than 10 million euros, a milestone in our sector.

Gladly exhausted, and perhaps raising the concerns of the people listening, I never stop thanking you all for what we have achieved together.

We are still in our infancy; we have only begun, and we have to carry on like this - growing, learning and innovating at GD as much as necessary to the benefit of our clients and our team.

I am aware this may not be the typical letter accompanying the company report, but this is how I feel about everything we have all achieved together and reflects the culture that has made it all possible.

Thank you so much.

Felipe Santiago

Felipe Santiago