Welcome to our
2019 Corporate Report

Following the objectives of transparency, clarity and trust, for 5 years in a row, we have prepared our corporate report where we analyse the results obtained in the 2019 fiscal year and collect our most important milestones.

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Our values


Every day we ask ourselves how to improve by reviewing our quality standard and professionalism to renew our commitment and trusting relationships with stakeholders.


The maxim of our daily work: Aligning our internal activities and services to our values, practices and procedures to secure our objectivity and integrity at all times.



Awakening our curiosity to apply better solutions to our field by developing our professionals' talent and acquiring new expertise. Adding extra value to our clients.


Our team is our reason for existence. That is why we value everyone for who they are, respecting and encouraging diversity and fostering continuous development.



2019 Milestones



Top 1 leaders in Spain in SME advice.



GD Team increases by 7% compared to 2018.



4% increase in the client portfolio.



We closed 2019 with 19% growth.

Our divisions

Our history    

GD, formerly Gesdocument, was launched as a service provider in the late 1980s. It was originally an offshoot of the auditing company Audihispana, now Grant Thornton, but soon began operating as an independent firm with its own strategy, offices and range of services.

Its initial purpose was to complement our parent company by offering clients management and administration services. This initial approach gradually expanded, reflecting the response of the market and its clients, until it became what is now GD; a multi-service company in the legal market with national coverage, presence and experience in a variety of sectors, each with its own identity.

  • Gesdocument was founded in Barcelona by Cuatrecasas Law Firm and Audihispana.
  • We open our office in Bilbao.
  • We open our office in Madrid.
  • Assets modification, Audihispana is no longer a shareholder.
  • We reach 2 million euros in turnover.
  • We reach 3 million euros in turnover.
  • We create GD Human Capital.
  • Our staff grows to more than 60 professionals.
  • We create GD Global Mobility.
  • We open our office in Valencia.
  • We open our office in Zaragoza.
    Our staff grows to more than 100 professionals.
  • We create Laboral PRO.
    We join the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA).
  • We reach over 7 million euros in turnover.
    Our staff grows to more than 170 professionals.
  • We create GD Legal.
    We reach over 8 million euros in turnover.
    Our staff grows to more than 188 professionals.
  • We create GD Gestión Corporativa Mercantil.
    We reach over 9,5 million euros in turnover.
    Our staff grows to more than 195 professionals.
  • We reach over 10 million euros in turnover.
    Our staff grows to more than 200 professionals.
  • Top 5 ranking national consultancies.
    GDHC repositioning.
    Launch of a new PlanPRO service.
    We are more than 240 workers.
    We reach 12ME turnover.