Welcome to our
Corporate Report 2021

Another year gone and so we share our progress. Following the principles of transparency, clarity, and trust, we present our seventh corporate report thereby undertaking an exercise in transparency for our stakeholders. In it we bring together the results, the most important milestones of 2021, and offer relevant information about who we are, what we do, and our purpose.

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● Our values ●


Ask ourselves every day how to improve what we do, reviewing our standards of quality, diligence, and professionalism in order to renew our commitment to our clients and build relationships of trust.


Align our internal and service actions in accordance with our values, practices, and procedures in order to guarantee objectivity and veracity at all times.



Activate our curiosity to look at the world, developing the talent of our professionals, and acquiring new knowledge so that it results in added value for our clients.


We value each person for what they are, respecting and fostering diversity, basing our relationships on trust and favoring continuous development.



● Our figures ●



No. 1 leader in Spain in SME consultancy.



63% of the workforce are women.



4% increase in new client base.



We close 2021 with a 8% growth.

● Our divisions ●

● Our story ●

  • Gesdocument was founded in Barcelona by Cuatrecasas Law Firm and Audihispana.
  • We open our office in Bilbao.
  • We open our office in Madrid.
  • Assets modification, Audihispana is no longer a shareholder.
  • We reach 2 million euros in turnover.
  • We reach 3 million euros in turnover.
  • We create GD Human Capital.
  • Our staff grows to more than 60 professionals.
  • We create GD Global Mobility.
  • We open our office in Valencia.
  • We open our office in Zaragoza.
    Our staff grows to more than 100 professionals.
  • We create Laboral PRO.
    We join the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA).
  • We reach over 7 million euros in turnover.
    Our staff grows to more than 170 professionals.
  • We create GD Legal.
    We reach over 8 million euros in turnover.
    Our staff grows to more than 188 professionals.
  • We create GD Gestión Corporativa Mercantil.
    We reach over 9,5 million euros in turnover.
    Our staff grows to more than 195 professionals.
  • We reach over 10 million euros in turnover.
    Our staff grows to more than 200 professionals.
  • Top 5 ranking national consultancies.
    GDHC repositioning.
    Launch of a new PlanPRO service.
    We are more than 240 workers.
    We reach 12ME turnover.
  • New headquarters in Madrid.
    GD Contigo Platform and 100% teleworking for the Covid-19 pandemic.
    Next Conta Launch.
    More than 273 employees.
    We exceeded 12,4M€ turnover.
  • Suite PRO.
    Launch of GD Empresa.
    New Business in Spain service.
    We exceeded €13.5m in turnover.