30th anniversary

We are a sum of stories, of initiated journeys, of created relationships.

We were born as Gesdocument in the fall of 1989, occupying no more than 3 desks and working with great effort hand in hand. From the beginning, we have based our service on quality and excellence towards our clients.

Today, 30 years later, we still maintain it by becoming GD, the third best Spanish consultancy firm with 6 divisions and 5 offices. But we are not satisfied, and we have big dreams to fulfil. Thanks to the effort, perseverance and dedication of our incredible team of professionals, we will continue to grow, improve and expand our horizons towards international markets.

Many of us have witnessed the effort of all of us to conquer new goals. At GD, we only have words of gratitude to the excellent group of professionals that make up GD and to our clients who have always trusted us. You are our great support. Now more than ever...GD Team

Thank you!

Nuestras cifras


30th anniversary

Líderes en España en asesoramiento de PYMES.



Equipo GD aumenta un 7% con respecto a 2018.



Aumento del 4% de la cartera de clientes.



Cerramos 2019 con un crecimiento del 19%.

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