Letter from the Director

Once again, we set out our development in this corporate report. We are fully aware of the exercise in transparency and competitive openness that it represents and of which we pride ourselves each year. Through it we want to share what we do, how we do it and who we are.

As a continuation of the previous year, our prime lines of action have been aimed at consolidating the different specialized divisions that, under a common brand, have allowed us to approach specific markets, thereby producing continued and sustainable growth.

We have also furthered our diligence, compliance and transparency obligations in order to guarantee the strength and continuity of our business in all its aspects. The year 2019 has represented for us a period of consolidation of our activity and of positioning in our operating markets. We have managed to maintain our activity and improve on it compared to previous years.

As can be seen in this corporate report, we have faced challenges that we have managed to resolve and overcome thanks to our main differential factor; our great team of professionals. People who make it possible for us to improve year after year. Without them the results shown in our corporate report would not have been possible.

Finally, we wish to thank our clients and the market in general for their trust. We are creating a unique company, with a totally differentiated corporate model, a self-managed and oriented organization that allows us to display the agility and intelligence needed to face the challenges that society, technology and people pose on a daily basis.

Without them as well, these results would not have been possible. Many thanks!

Felipe Santiago

Felipe Santiago

2019 Milestones



Top 1 leaders in Spain in SME advice.



GD Team increases by 7% compared to 2018.



4% increase in the client portfolio.



We closed 2019 with 19% growth.

Our divisions