Innovación I + D + I-Legal Tech

Legal Hackers

We actively participate in initiatives that disseminate and show the public advances in innovation and technology applied to the legal sector. To this end, last June we sponsored the EMEA Legal Hackers Summit 2019 event, the largest forum for the legal hack community in Europe. Elected as the 3rd best legal event 2019 by Legal Events.

European Legaltech Association

With the aim of being present in debate forums on digital transformation in the legal sector at the European level, in 2019 we became a member of the ELTA (“European Legal Tech Association”), an organization that promotes the study and exchange of ideas on legaltech among professionals in the legal field, helping to create a mindset and culture of innovation and creativity.

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Business Intelligence

"In 2019, the focus has been on how the GD professional works, as well as on exploiting all the information generated and translating it into KPIs that help improve the company. ", David Quesada, IS director.

We have integrated our extranet with Business intelligence (BI) documents. An API has also been developed for the exploitation of accounting data and expense records. In the Business Intelligence (BI) area, you have proceeded to create:

  • A new BI document for Accounting clients.
  • New functionalities in the company’s global BI document in order to have more sources of data exploitation, such as incurred data or day registration.
  • A new document where we can monitor the general status of requests to the IT department, as well as exploit this data in search of better efficiencies.

Business solutions

Launch of Plan PRO

This service is included in the PRO service service pack for HR managers that allows comprehensive labor management.

In 2019 we launched the Plan PRO service for our clients, a flexible remuneration package that includes childcare, transport cards, restaurant cards, training courses or health insurance integrated with labor management. This service is designed for all clients who are not SMEs.

2019 Milestones



Top 1 leaders in Spain in SME advice.



GD Team increases by 7% compared to 2018.



4% increase in the client portfolio.



We closed 2019 with 19% growth.

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